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Deutsch − Benjamin Fulford:05:12:2016

Die Dominosteine fallen – Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy sind erledigt, jetzt wird auf XI, Putin, Abe und Merkel gezielt

December 5, 2016

Trotz angestrengter Bemühungen der Rothschilds und anderer Familien der Blutlinien fallen die Dominosteine der Khasarischen Mafia einer nach dem anderen. Die Rücktritte oder angekündigten Rücktritte des Italienischen Premier-Ministers Matteo Renzi, des Französischen Präsidenten Francois Hollande, des Präsidenten des Europa-Parlaments Martin Schulz, des Neuseeländischen Premier-Ministers John Key, und die Niederlage des Khasarischen Drogenhändlers Nicolas Sarkozy sind die neusten fallenden Dominosteine.

Es entfaltet sich jetzt eine größere Bewegung, die verbliebenen höheren Vertreter der Rothschilds wie den so genannten "Vladimir Putin" in Russland (der echte Putin starb vor langer Zeit), den starken Mann in China Xi Jinping, den Japanischen Sklaven Premier-Minister Shinzo Abe und in Deutschland die Hitler-Tochter Angela Merkel zu entfernen. Das berichten verschiedene Quellen aus China, Russland, den USA, Japan und anderswo.

Die Schockwelle, die der Sturz des Italieners Renzi verursachte, ist zur Zeit die größte, denn sie ebnet den Weg für die Wahl einer Fünf-Sterne-Regierung, die es möglich macht, den Euro zu verlassen. Im Italienischen Banken-System wird als Resultat so etwas wie eine verletzte Welt entstehen, die entweder eine Wieder-Einführung der Italienischen Lira oder sonst die mögliche Schöpfung einer neuen Mediterranen Währung beschleunigen wird, sagen Quellen der P2-Freimaurer. Eine Mediterrane Währung würde mit einer wieder-belebten Deutsche Mark co-existieren, die den Rumpf des Euro in Nord-Europa übernehmen könnte, sagen die Quellen.

Monday, December 5, 2016


December 5, 2016
Despite strenuous efforts by the Rothschilds and the bloodline families, the Khazarian mafia dominoes keep falling one by one. The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President François Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shulz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are the latest falling dominoes.
There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (the real Putin died long ago), Chinese strongman Xi Jinping, Japanese slave Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Hitler's daughter Angela Merkel in Germany, according to multiple sources in China, Russia, the US, Japan and elsewhere.
The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s Renzi will be the biggest for now, because it paves the way for the election of a Five Star Movement government that promises to leave the Euro. There will be a “world of hurt” in the Italian banking system as a result that will only speed up either the re-introduction of the Italian Lira or else lead to the possible creation of a new Mediterranean currency, P2 Freemason sources say.
A Mediterranean currency would co-exist with a revived Deutschemark that would take over the rump of the Euro in Northern Europe, the sources say.
The Rothschilds and the bloodlines are fighting back hard and are pulling all the stops they can to try to prevent US President Elect Donald Trump from taking power with their big push for vote recounts in the US, sources in the US Green party, the Rothschild family and CIA all agree.
The push is headed for “a hard and fast 13 December deadline mandated by Title 3, U.S. Code, Section 5 that each of the individual American States must have concluded all controversies related to their voting and submit their Electors for the 19 December Electoral Collage vote to install that nations’ next leader,” CIA sources say.
This push will fail because the bloodlines do not have any real backing in either the US military or the agencies, Pentagon and CIA a sources say.
The white hats in the military and the agencies are fighting back with a major push to expose very real pedophilia and human sacrifice being carried out by the bloodline families.
An insider in one of the bloodline families sent a horrific photograph of a cannibalistic event. This writer hesitated to publish the photo, which was sent shortly after Thanksgiving but, decided to do so in order for people to understand what we are fighting against. The picture will be made available to subscribers only for now and can be seen below

(HORRIFIC PHOTO - Cooked Human Body on a Kitchen Table, with live children tied up to a chair) 

The photograph is real as far as I can tell. Notice, for example the white cloth or paper around the fingers, they seem to be there so that people have something to hold on to as they rip them off. Also, notice the tied up children, who are most likely designated as “desert.” We are sworn to avenge this woman and her many fellow victims.

Former Khazarian sex slaves in Europe are also sending us credible evidence of hunting of 14 and 16 year old boys and girls by members of the European royalty.

This is what a CIA source with extensive knowledge of the situation had to say:

“It’s about time this so called pizza-gate and the global underground pedophile rings are being exposed. It has been going on secretly since the late 50’s early 60’s in America in the entertainment industry. Most likely before then as well…the main reason Walt Disney built Disneyland, finished in 1955, was to have a central location for his close friends to come pick up children and have a good time. Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, even the Shah of Iran made visits to his children’s fantasy playground to enjoy more than just a walk in the park. Walt Disney was a well know pedophile amongst his inner circle of friends. Do you know how many children go missing every year at Disneyland, Disney World, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo? This is a part of the global children trafficking cartel. Then there was the Mickey Mouse Club TV series which started in 1955, with the famous Mouseketeers.
That is a whole different story in itself”.

The arrests of these cannibalistic pedophiliac monsters is accelerating in the US to the extent that Skull and Bones Secretary of State John Kerry flew to see Pope Francis last week to ask for mercy for his group only to be turned down, Pentagon sources say.
The bloodlines also appear to have carried out a Satanic sacrifice on December 2nd, with a warehouse fire in Oakland, California that killed at least 33 people. At the link below you can see a picture of the pamphlet for the event featuring a snake and a Satanic seven pointed star. 
This is what Baroness de Rothschild tweeted about the event: “Our heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives in Oakland. Life is so fragile. May we all make the most of this moment.”
Bss De Rothschild (@BssDeRothschild) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from Bss De Rothschild (@BssDeRothschild). Baroness De Rothschild, CEO, Global Private Investment Banker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Environmentalist, Avid Art Collector, Proud Globalist. New York/London
“Make the most of this moment!!??” It is as if they hope the Satanic spirits invoked by this sacrifice will somehow help them keep in power. Incredible as it seems, multiple sources, including P2 Lodge member Leo Zagami say these bloodline families regularly carry out such rituals in order to invoke powerful spirits to help them.
What these bloodline families fail to realize is that and the end of the day Satan is unable to defeat the forces of love and goodness. Their reign of terror and human sacrifice is ending as a result.
In any case, returning to the world of nation state geopolitics, Russian FSB sources last week contacted the White Dragon Society to ask “whatever happened to the BRICS alliance?” They were told that now that Donald Trump had been elected US President, the world was going to move against opposing blocs fighting each other and move towards everybody being friendly with each other. They were happy to hear this.
Unfortunately, there is still a bit of fighting and horse trading ahead of us before we can move to world peace and love.
The key still remains control over the world financial system and thus control of the process for deciding what humanity does in the future. Since the bloodline families still control a lot of the financial system it means they will either have to be totally defeated or else a compromise will have to be reached with the benevolent factions (these do exist) within the bloodlines. It also means ultimately coming to some sort of new power sharing arrangement between Asia and the West. All of this is being negotiated and or fought over.
One still unresolved question has to do with control of the $2 trillion a year in oil and gas revenue from the Middle East. Here, the forces allied with Syria and Russia are winning against those allied with Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The problem is while the Saudi and Qatari oil is linked to the Satanic Bush, Clinton and Rockefeller families, the Russian oil giant Gazprom that is emerging victorious in the Syrian pipeline war is controlled by equally Satanic Jacob de Rothschild.
That is why Russian FSB and NSA sources both insist first that the real Vladimir Putin was murdered and second that the look-alikes playing his role are Rothschild puppets.
The other problem is that Asian secret society, CIA and NSA sources agree that Chinese President Xi Jinping also works for the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds transferred their gold and most of US and European industry to China over the past many years because they knew an immune reaction against their rule was beginning in the West.
The Dragon family and the Chinese military intelligence community know that for a country to accept the Khazarian mafia is like for an individual to start taking amphetamines. At first there is a lot of energy and a great high but later your body is devastated and your life shortened.
That is why the Chinese military, the Russian military and the US military have begun an alliance against the Khazarians.
This can be seen most recently from President elect Trump’s selection of Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary because “she is another back channel to China with ties to Jiang Zemin to pressure Xi,” Pentagon sources say. It is well known that her father, James S.C. Chao, who owns a shipping line, was classmates with Jiang and they have kept in touch ever since. Jiang’s faction is known to be very influential in the Chinese military and intelligence community.
“Her ships are never checked for anything, both in China and the States,” was what a CIA source in Asia had to say about her. The Chaos have long been close to the Bush family but are now distancing themselves, other CIA sources say.
A deal involving Asian gold and hard currency is being negotiated by the US and Chinese militaries, according to a source involved in the negotiations. The bloodline families are also trying to negotiate some sort of deal as well, a bloodline family source says.
Finally, CIA sources in Asia say the sudden resignation of New Zealand’s Prime Minister “is directly connected to what is going on at ‘The Base’ in Antarctica…..John Key knows what is about to happen and he does not want to be at the helm of his country’s government when it does.” The source was reluctant to give more detail but hinted it had to do with the imminent arrival of “the fleet.” He was not referring to a naval fleet. 

Source: http://antimatrix.org/Convert/Books/Benjamin_Fulford/Benjamin_Fulford_Reports.html#The_dominoes_keep_falling_2016_12_05

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Croatian -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 28:11:2016

28. studenog 2016.

Ne može biti nikakve sumnje da su Sjedinjene Američke Države u porođajnim bolovima revolucije. Kao dio toga, američki vojni izvori kažu da su "44 požara u južnim državama Georgia, Tennessee, Kentacky i Sjeverna Karolina zadimili kabaliste u podzemlju", jasno dajući do znanja da je prava čistka u tijeku.

Pentagonovi izvori također govore da je "još jedan svemirski brod koji je bježao sa Zemlje oboren iznad Floride 21. studenog." Još jedan kabalin svemirski brod oboren je blizu Fukushime 22. studenog, nakon što je napao Japan oružjem za izazivanje zemljotresa, kažu izvori iz Društva Bijelog Zmaja u Aziji. Video pada može se vidjeti na ovom linku:

Za one od vas koji misle da je to jako pretjerano, imajte na umu da tajni mlaznjaci lete skoro 30 godina prije nego što su otkriveni javnosti. To znači da F-35 nadletaju Tursku samo je diverzija i američka vojska ima stvari koje su najmanje 30 godina ispred onoga što se prikazuje.

Français -- BENJAMIN FULFORD:28:11:2016

Les Khazars sont expulsés de leurs abris souterrains alors que la révolution americaine suit son cours

November 28, 2016

Il ne fait aucun doute que les Etats-Unis sont au bord d’une révolution. Dans ce cadre, des sources militaires Américaines affirment que « 44 incendies sauvages dans les Etats du Sud de la Géorgie, du Tennessee, du Kentucky et de la Caroline du Nord ont permis d’enfumer des gens de la cabale pour les faire sortir de leurs abris souterrains », soulignant ainsi qu’une véritable purge était en cours.

Des sources du Pentagone affirment également « qu’un autre vaisseau spatial qui essayait de quitter la Terre a été abattu au-dessus de la Floride le 21 novembre ». Un autre vaisseau de la cabale a été abattu le 22 novembre au large des côtes de Fukushima alors qu’il tentait d’attaquer le Japon à l’aide d’une arme provoquant des tremblements de terre, selon des sources asiatiques de la Société du Dragon Blanc (WDS). Une vidéo du vaisseau en train de s’écraser peut être observée sur ce lien.

Castellano: BENJAMIN FULFORD: 28:11:2016

Noviembre 28, 2016

No cabe duda de que Estados Unidos está en plena revolución. Como parte de esto, fuentes militares estadounidenses dicen que “44 incendios forestales en los estados del sur de Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky y Carolina del Norte ahumaron desde los cabalistas subterráneos”, dejando claro que una verdadera purga está en curso.
Las fuentes del Pentágono también estaban diciendo que “otra nave espacial del cabal que escapaba de la tierra fue derribada en Florida el 21 de noviembre”. Y sin embargo todavía otra nave espacial del cabal fue derribada en la costa de Fukushima el 22 de noviembre, después de atacar a Japón con un arma de (provocar) terremotos, según dicen fuentes de la sociedad en Asia. Un video de la nave cyendo puede ser visto en este enlace.
Para aquellos de ustedes que piensan que esto es demasiado exagerado, por favor recuerden a los aviones sigilosos (stealth jets) que volaban unos 30 años antes de que fueran revelados al público. Eso significa que el F-35 “flying turkey” es sólo una distracción y que el ejército estadounidense tiene naves que están al menos 30 años por delante de lo que nos están mostrando.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nederlands -- BENJAMIN FULFORD: 28:11:2016

Er kan geen twijfel over bestaan, de Verenigde Staten worstelen met een revolutie. Als onderdeel hiervan, zegt het leger van de VS: “44 branden in de Zuidelijke staten Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky en Noord Carolina hebben de caballisten uitgerookt en maken het duidelijk dat een werkelijke zuivering gaande is.
De Pentagon bronnen zeggen ook dat; “een ander cabal ruimtevaartuig dat van de aarde ontsnapte, werd neergeschoten boven Florida op 21 november.” Nog een ander cabal ruimtevaartuig werd neergeschoten bij de kust van Fukushima op 22 november nadat het Japan had aangevallen met een aardbevingswapen, zeggen White Dragon bronnen in Azië.
Een video van het vliegtuig dat neerstortte kan gezien worden via de onderstaande link.

Voor degenen van jullie die denken dat dit te ver gezocht is, hou alsjeblieft in gedachten dat stealth vliegtuigen bijna 30 jaar rondvlogen voordat ze werden onthuld aan het publiek. Dat betekent dat de F-35 flying turkey alleen maar een afleiding is en dat het leger van de VS spullen heeft die op zijn minst 30 jaar moderner zijn dan dat wat ons getoond wordt.

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Deutsch − Benjamin Fulford – 28. November 2016

Khasaren werden aus Untergrund-Verstecken aufgescheucht, während die Revolution in den USA voran schreitet

 November 28, 2016

Es kann kein Zweifel darüber bestehen, dass in den USA eine Revolution unterwegs ist. Quellen des US-Militärs sagen dazu, "44 Flächenbrände in den Staaten Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky und North Carolina haben Kabalisten aus dem Untergrund hervor geräuchert", um klarzustellen, dass eine tatsächliche Säuberung vor sich geht.

Die Pentagon-Quellen erwähnen auch, "ein weiteres Raumfahrzeug der Kabale, das von der Erde fliehen wollte, wurde über Florida am 21. November abgeschossen." Noch ein weiteres Kabale-Raumschiff wurde am 22. November über der Küste von Fukushima abgeschossen, nachdem es Japan mit einer Erdbeben-Waffe angegriffen hatte, sagen Quellen der White Dragon Society in Asien. Der folgendem Link zeigt ein Video von diesem abstürzenden Raumschiff:

Für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die annehmen, das wäre zu weit hergeholt, bitte denken Sie daran, dass Tarnkappen-Bomber bereits 30 Jahre vorher im Einsatz waren, bevor sie der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt wurden. Das bedeutet, dass die F-35 "Fliegender Truthahn" nur eine Abwandlung darstellt, außerdem hat das US-Militär Waffen, die mindestens 30 Jahre dem voraus sind, was und gezeigt wird.

Da wir über das Militär sprechen, Pentagon-Quellen sagen, sie arbeiteten daran, die Posten des Außenministers und des Verteidigungsministers mit Generälen zu besetzen. Insbesondere wollen sie Marine-General John Kelly auf die Stelle des Außenministers bringen.

Zudem sagen die Quellen des Pentagon, Trump werde "eine private Armee bestehend aus 2 Millionen Veteranen, Bikern und Waffenträgern haben, die sich am Tage seiner Amtseinführung in Washington DC den von Hillary bezahlten Schlägern entgegenstellen."



Unless YOU, individually, wake up and raise your voice and strength against the all pervading evil,

no one, LITERALLY, is going to do it for you,

and precisely

because your very consciousness and awareness

remain on the level of some blind believer in the "bright future of mankind"


“Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth

Peace, Good Will toward men.”

This Christmas, Give Peace.



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